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As consciousness expands and we understand more about our expanded nature we have just begun to truly understand the importance of water in all of life. Over the next few years break through technology, innovations and much attention will be given to water in our bodies and on the planet. It may take a drought to open the minds and interest of those involved but the results will be life changing! Water filtration, de-salinization and water therapies will emerge that will help to change medicine and bring change to much of our modern world. Psychic Intuitive and healer Peter Koehler speaks about the importance of these upcoming changes and how they will impact our lives.

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2014-2015 psychic predictions world
Description: a collaboration of predictions for the 2014-2015 cycle

As one of most popular topics of the past, we will briefly touch on the subject of psychic predictions for the future and changes we may experience in the coming years 2014 - 2015. Since we are never glued to an absolute experience and time is not a linear parameter that we can rely on, predictions are mostly made from those who have a track record of seeing into the astral and interpreting possible outcomes.

Before we get into the psychic possibilities that are presented, it is important to realize that Divine Law exist above and beyond the astral influential and physical levels of your daily experience. Divine Grace, and energetic influences of higher vibrations can change the outcome or experience at any time. In the physical dimension that we are experiencing we assume responsibility of our experiences to be the result of others doing and our own actions outside of our control, the truth is we are co-creators to every possibly outcome we go through. There is never a sure thing, or end all, so please stay true to yourself, believe in Miracles, and stay present with faith.

2014 -

Advances and applications of force field technology

Underwater Cities, under water bases,

UFO's alien contact this has been on the psychic radar for sometime

Robots and drones enter domestic Jobs

US markets move higher with volatility early springtime market correction

Many life changing medical break throughs

Water Crisis Water Related Events Drought and water in the news


2015 -

New footwear break through allows athletic performance to greatly increase

Food prices and commodity prices up sharply

More to come soon

California is home to an amazing selection of natural healers
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Find the means by which you can achieve what you want.


Reiki montreal
Offer Reiki courses, treatments, hospital outcalls and guided meditation workshops, DNA Shambhala Medicine Buddha Reiki


Pine Wind Zen Center, also known as Jizo-an Monastery, exists to inspire, nourish, and support people in their everyday life, and was established as a contemporary Zen training center open to the public.


Spirit Connection Art is the official online art gallery, store and Reiki Healing Temple of Australian fairy and fantasy illustrator, artist, and Reiki Master Deborah Bell. You will find pages filled with Deborah's original art creations of provocatively beautiful fairies, fantasy, goddesses, gods, angels, dragons, and mermaids, from myths, legends and Deborah's imagination.


Healing the Earth/Ourselves - The books, articles, events, services, biography and resources of Jim PathFinder Ewing.
Bear Walks with Wolf Studios - Extensive galleries of custom made gemstone and silver animal totem necklaces, and other custom and readymade items, along with ordering and biographical info.
Reiki Shamanism - Information, events, workshops, classes and supplies related to this wonderful healing modality.
Blue Panther Energetic Essences - unique and powerful 'tools' to complement your energy work, with self and others.

Image of Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins

Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins

From cross-cultural legends recounting shamanic cures to the biblical accounts of the parting of the Red Sea and Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes, many spiritual traditions are rich in stories about seemingly inexplicable transformations of the natural world. The ancient healing art of transmutation, in which toxic substances are transformed into "safe" substances, is mentioned in all the world's great spiritual traditions, including Hinduism and Taoism. And while many have tapped this body of work to heal the self, it has yet to be used to heal our environment.


Image of How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation

Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide

The shamanic journey is a practice common to all indigenous societies throughout history. By listening to a drumbeat or other rhythmic percussion, the shaman enters "non-ordinary" reality--an altered state of consciousness beyond time and space--to access spiritual guidance and healing, assist others and the planet, and reconnect with the cycles of nature. Shamanic Journeying offers readers an interactive learning experience to discover how to journey just as traditional shamans have for centuries.

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Image of Shamanism As a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life


Image of Reiki's Birthplace, A Guide to Kurama Mountain

Reiki Techniques Card Deck: Heal Yourself Intuitively

Everyone on this planet has the ability to initiate self-healing-it's your birthright. The techniques in this deck of 45 cards, selected from the most effective traditional and non-traditional Reiki techniques from around the globe, offer you the opportunity to consciously tap into your healing ability, supporting you on your natural path.

Reiki is a healing modality used for the treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. Reiki originally came from Japan, where practitioners use the palms of their hands to transmit life energy guided by spirit. The name Reiki came from its two Chinese characters that represent spirit and life energy 'rei' (spirit) and 'ki' (qi - life force energy).

These days we can find many more Reiki practitioners and people talking about Reiki, than just a few years ago. Reiki has gained popularity quickly in the west as massage therapist and others receive Reiki attunements in just 1-3 days of training and some even offer attunements over the internet in less than 1 hour. Some practitioners may offer Reiki services without ever working with a qualified experienced healer, and little or no knowledge of the human body as an energetic and anatomical system. Many schools claim that Reiki energy knows where to go, and what is needed for the client and therefore the practitioner does not require much time in training. In a Reiki session, the practitioner will most likely have the client lie down and relax. The practitioner uses their hands to transmit Reiki energy to wherever the patient is requesting it. A practitioner may place their hands close to or on various parts of the client’s body. Reiki energy is said to enter the body and aura of the client, balancing and restoring their energy system.

Becoming a Reiki Master gives individuals the ability to initiate others into Reiki. Students undergo an attunement process and become attuned with the energy that can then be passed down to others.


Greeting Healers of Light

A Spiritual doorway has opened to humanity, You may now move forward with expressions you have held onto, the past is quickly shed behind as the new time is upon us. Now you may stop in the tracks of fear and let go of that old skin, remember the unity and life that you truely are. Walking the path of greatness, of light and freedom and let not the old ways that are colapsing around you hold you back. Bring forth your creation, your inspirations, dreams, empathy, harmony, joy, prosperity, love and compassion. There will be much to experience and much to absorb, for those who are experiencing these new connections and changes you are encouraged to share with others.

Sound Healing is a fast growing healing modality that is rapidly being adopted and recognized by healers, massage therapist, chiropractors and even modern medicine. Humans are vibrational by nature, resonating a energy filed around us that is experiencing waves of frequency since the day we are born. Sound healers use healing frequencies, tuning forks, singing bowls voices, musical instruments, and other sound waves to resonate our minds and bodies into various healthy states. 

Although Sounds, chants, and ceremonial songs have been used in healing for decades we are just now realizing the benefit and potential for their inclusion into a healing regime. Tribal healers and shaman have used drumming, chanting, sounding and instruments to work their healing magic in almost every indigenous culture.

Modern Sound healers and practitioners may use voice and ancient techniques or advanced tools to deliver particular resonate frequencies into the body. Music therapy, sound tables and sound healing devices are available to help restore health and wellness for body, mind, and spirit. Sound healing is a an amazing experience and is a quickly growing in popularity.

Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals and pets

Animals have energy fields like humans and are also subject to emotional and physical trauma. Some Energy Healers and Reiki practicioners specialize in working with animals


Healing The Past And Healing The Future with Past lives

From time to time a person can remember other languages, other places, and even other people in ways that would baffle us all. In the Middle east there have been numerous cases of kids born who tell stories of their past lives, tell how they died, who their other families were and when investigated there is a number of interesting verifications surrounding these events. Is it possible we were born for a single experience as a single sex, single nationality, social class, and body type never to know would it would have been like otherwise. Many spiritual text and visionaries have talked about past lives and how we are continuously evolving as we re-incarnate, to learn more about who we really are each time around.


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The world you think of and believe in is the world you see.

Modern physics tells us that we’re dreaming the world into being with every thought. The Courage to change your sub conscious, your thoughts and the way you see the world takes some effort, but healers, shaman and spoken word therapist can help you through this amazing transformation. We can witness miracles, see great achievements and we know there is more to these events than what scientist might say is just coincidence. We know we can experience a world from many different perspectives and these perspectives change our actual experience. Confidence, Joy affirmations have proven to be actual forces in our lives! Go out and dream your world into the world you want to see with power and grace and joy! The ancient healers and shamans of the world understood that we are not only creating our experience of the world, but we are dreaming up the very nature of reality! Treat yourself to a new way of life, a new perspective, a new level of happiness and joy!

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